Ross steering gear

 The Cj5 with the V6 uses a Ross gear that has a 15/16" sector shaft that's shorter in length to make room for the larger V6.  Mine has the same gear as a M38A1. While all the other parts are easy to get, the sector shaft was hard to find, I finally found one at

   has a great video on how to rebuild these gears.

The steering wheel is being replaced. I noticed the horn and wiring were missing so I got the horn kit for it

Be careful not to damage these threads

Inside of gear with sector shaft removed

The worm gear was in great shape and will be reused

This shows the tube which runs thru the gear. This is for the horn wire to run thru.

All blasted

Flat spot on the sector shaft pins which means its worn enough to need replacement

These photos show the pin wear

Finally found the right sector shaft.
Pressing in new bushings

New bushing

Bushings were close. Just needed to be honed a bit with a brake cylinder hone.

Checking play

Factory spec calls for a min. of 0.0005" to allow for oil to lube the shaft. I'm right there.

Added some grease so there's no resistance for checking all the tolerances. 150 weight gear lube will be added after its mounted on the frame.

Degreased and sprayed with Por-15 metal ready

Doesn't makes sense to sandblast the rust off only to let it rust again, but the Por-15 I use claims that in order to get the best bond, a sandblasted surface that has flash rust on it is best. I've done this before on another restoration. When applied right this stuff is bullet proof.

All done

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  1. I am searching for the same sector shaft. You said it was the same 15/16" as the M38. Is it the same dimensions all around, same length etc? I found a 15/16" for the M38 but I just want to make sure I understood you correctly. Thanks.